Practice areas


The Law Offices of Howard E. Conday possesses a wealth of experience regarding all criminal matters.  Our office has been extremely successful representing clients facing complex criminal charges.


The Law Offices of Howard E. Conday has represented criminal clients on both the state and federal level.  Further, the Law Offices of Howard E. Conday has represented clients facing charges of murder, armed robbery, narcotics distribution, aggravated battery, and many other serious criminal and sexual offenses.


Although we never promise an outcome, we do promise a fight.  That promise to fight has more often than not led to acquittals dismissals, and favorable results for our criminal clients.


Moreover, our office understands the importance of communication.  Because of that, our office prioritizes consistent visits with  incarcerated clients and consistent meetings with non-incarcerated clients,  in order to build trust and create a successful defense.




The Law Offices of Howard E. Conday is well versed in all types of personal injury law.  Whether you were injured by private automobile, commercial vehicle, or an 18-wheeler, our office possesses the necessary experience to help you maximize your claim.  That experience and knowledge has allowed The Law Offices of Howard E. Conday  to collectively recover millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients.


Not only does our office have the required experience to maximize your claim, we believe in properly assisting clients to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.  Our office will ensure you receive the best treatment to help alleviate your injuries and assist financially to lessen the financial burden of sustaining an accident related injury.


Further, and most importantly, our office will remain accessible to answer all your questions and ensure you are knowledgeable about the litigation process.